Nordic Society for Circumpolar Health - membership application

The aim of the Nordic Sociaty for Circumpolar Health is to promote and spread interest in scientific studies of healthcare problems in polar, subpolar, and similar environments. The associationís members are approved by the board upon application through this form.

Membership fee

The membership fee is 15 Euros for students and 30 Euros for other members for a three-year period. Membership payments: IBAN account no: FI3780001170134184, SWIFT/BIC-code: DABAFIHH (Sampo Bank, Oulu, Rotuaari, Finland).

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Family name

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GDPR agreement

Do you agree that your name is listed on the NSCH homepage:, including a link to your professional homepage? If you say NO, you can still be a member, but not visible on the homepage. You are also welcome to report research projects for the homepage.


Professional homepage

Please provide website adresse for your professional homepage!

Circumpolar health projects

Please provide website adresses for circumpolar health projects wich you are involved in.

Short presentation for homepage

Please write a short presentation text for the NSCH homepage.


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