REGISTRATION - Function B course, March 3-April 2, 2020

Dates (Spring 2020): Tue 3/3, Thu 5/3, Tue 10/3; Thu 12/3, Thu 19/3; Thu 26/3, Wed 1/4 and Thu 2/4.

Full name:

First name and last name.

Personal ID number:

Alternatively, please provide your date of birth.


To benefit from internal course fee, please provide your email

ZZ number:

For KI staff only.

Project number:

For KI staff only.

Your current role:

Regarding the use of research animals.


I have Bachelor or Candidate degree of at least 180 credits in biomedicine, biotechnology, cell and molecular biology, medicine or equivalent training or expertise.

Individuals responsible for designing procedures and projects under Function B should normally hold an academic degree or equivalent in an appropriate scientific discipline.

I have formally received education and training in laboratory animal science to:


I understand that a prerequisite for admission to this course is education and training for Function A ("to carry out procedures on animals") or equivalent education:


I understand that the course fee is 7 820 SEK (including INDI) OR 9 900 (excluding VAT), where appropriate.

I understand that no-shows or late cancellations (within 2 weeks before the course starts) does not entitle to any refund.

I understand that the minimum number of participants for the course to be organized is 8.

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