REGISTRATION CPD Workshop: "Minor procedures on Mice", June 2, 2020

Tuesday, June 2 (13.00-16.00).

Full name:

First and last name.




Please use your KI email address, if you have one.

Your current role:

Regarding the use of research animals.


Animal facility where your animal work normally takes place:


ZZ code:

Project number:

I have previously completed laboratory animal science Function A course (or equivalent) on carrying out procedures on animals.

I understand that, for quarantine reasons, after this course/workshop you are required to take a WET SHOWER before you enter any animal facility at KM.

I understand that the workshop fee for KI participants is 2 100 SEK (including INDI).

I understand that the workshop fee for external participants is 5 200 SEK (excluding VAT).

I understand that no-shows or late cancellations (within one week prior to the workshop date) does not entitle to any refund.

I understand that the minimum number of participants needed to arrange the workshop is two.

Please let us know what specific information you would expect to obtain from this workshop. Note that the workshop will focus on basic and general skills rather than advanced and specific techniques:

Thank your for your registration!

We will come back with a welcome e-mail by Oct 25, 2018.

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